Sunday, January 10, 2010

Normalised Breastfeeding

I have supported breastfeeding families in a variety of capacities for the past 7 years. During that time, I have observed how disrupted the breastfeeding relationship often seems to be. Despite their desire to nurse their babies (in our province, Alberta, more than 95% of mothers initiate breastfeeding at birth), only a small fraction of women nurse their babies to recommendation.

What is happening in those first few months that causes so many mothers to not meet their nursing goals? Why does desire to feed her baby normally not seem to be enough to succeed?

I have found that the answers to those seemingly complex questions are actually quite simple- we are not often working within the baby's expectations. Interventions during labour & birth, inferior information from health care professionals & certain parenting choices are disrupting a baby's ability to successfully nurse. In some cases, the disruptions are minor & can be easily overcome, but in others, the baby simply has too many barriers & cannot nurse effectively.

This sounds disastrous, but there are some very simple solutions to the problems. By normalising breastfeeding (ie, providing the baby what he physiologically expects) most issues can be mimimised or overcome.

Over the next month, we will have a series of posts on how Normalised Breastfeeding can help you & your baby! We will cover:

-Babywearing & Breastfeeding
-Baby Led Breastfeeding
-Impact of Language
-Over & Undersupply

*I will be covering somewhat technical information on breastfeeding. It is not intended to be medical diagnoses or advice & in no way replaces the need to see a health care professional.

The information in these posts will be basic information; if specific help is needed a consult can be booked with myself or another lactation consultant by calling 780-777-9525. We are non-medical professionals with a non-medical approach to resolving complex breastfeeding problems that works! You will be referred to seek medical care if you or your baby's needs are beyond our scope of practice.

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