Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tying a Torso Carry

Torso Carries are one of my favourites! It is the perfect carry for when you need complete range of motion in your arms & shoulders. I often use them for snowshoeing or hiking, as well as for indoor & outdoors chores. They are an advanced carry for experienced wrappers- you are responsible for your baby's safety!

Begin with your baby on your back & your wrap centred & spread out over your baby.

Pull the fabric tight around baby's body, bringing it under your arms & around to your front. Keep the fabric taught the entire time, with equal tension on across the entire wrap.

Cross the wrap at chest height...

And roll or fold the top rails together a few times, until they feel secure

Tighten the rails, keeping the fabric spread out over your chest. Bring them back around the baby's bum...

Cross the tails under the bum

Then bring them back around, placing the tails under your baby's legs...

Then finish by tying in the front! Push up gently on your baby's feet to seat him deeply in the wrap.

Photos By Trish Agrell-Smithh

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