Friday, September 18, 2009

Fall chores

I spent a warm fall afternoon working outside with my kids today. We supplement our natural gas heat with a woodstove in the winter months (Oct-Apr), which requires cutting, hauling & stacking a huge quantity of firewood. Since we are a rural, homeschooling family, I expect & need their help with chores like this. There is simply too much to be done for one person- we all need to participate.
My 7 year old hauled wagon loads with sticks for kindling, making a big pile near the woodshed. The 4 year old helped unload the wood from the wagons & wheelbarrows we used. My 2 year old alternated between loading & pulling. When he got tired, towards the end of the afternoon, he asked for "up in a carrier, Mom." Out came a wool wrap (Didymos), up went the baby, & we were ready to keep working. This reminds me why I love babywearing- I can easily meet the little ones' needs to be with me, to sleep, to have a ride on Mama's back, while I am getting work done that cannot be delayed.
Women everywhere work this way with their children- littler ones being carried, bigger ones helping & learning. It's important to me that they have the opportunity to contribute to our family; that they see how we all work together to keep our life running smoothly.


  1. This is why I love babywearing as well. I could carry on with what I was doing and still have a calm and happy child for the most part!

    I still find this to be true! Only now I am wearing Sid's little guy who is 5 and doesn't talk yet. He hands me a picture of him on my back in a wrap smiling, to tell me that he wants up! I LOVE IT!!!

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